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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page where all of your frequently asked questions are most likely answered!

1. Do you deliver?

No. Unfortunately at this time we do not deliver, but we do hope to add that as a feature in the future and we will keep you updated!

2. Do you accept all credit cards?


3. Do you cater?

Yes! Catering orders must be picked up at the store. Please check our catering section for selection and prices. If there's something you don't see I'm sure we can make it for you! Just call us at 631-399-3526 and ask!

4. Can we buy your empanadas uncooked or frozen and take them home to cook ourselves?

Yes!! If you'd like your empanadas frozen just please give us enough time to freeze what you'd like. Or they can be taken fresh, uncooked and you can cook them at your convenience in a fryer, or baked in the oven.

5. If we have leftover empanadas what's the best way to reheat them?

In the oven or a small toaster oven at 300 degrees for 10 minutes. They do not taste very good reheated in a microwave.

6. Do you use corn or flour based dough?

We use a white flour based dough.

7. Are your empanadas frozen and/or pre-made?

We make everything fresh on a daily basis here at EmpanadaVille. Nothing is frozen, canned or brought in from anywhere else, not even desserts. In fact we grow most of our own vegetables in our greenhouse!

8. Are all the empanadas labeled?

Yes of course they are :) Imagine ordering a 20 pack and not knowing which are which??

9. How long have we been open?

EmpanadaVille has been open since September, 2014

10. Are we going to open another location?

One never knows what the future may hold :)

11. Are you really Puerto Rican??

Lol, of course we are! The chef was born and raised in a Puerto Rican household by Puerto Rican parents and learned everything she knows about cooking from her Puerto Rican mother.

12. Do you serve burritos & tacos?

No, we do not serve burritos or tacos because we are not a Mexican restaurant (although we LOVE Mexican food)...we are Puerto Rican...see #11 :)

13. Do you have any gluten free items?

YES we do! When placing your order ask about gluten free items!

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